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Keep these household products away from your laptop!



In general, you know what you can use to clean your computer. However, what shouldn’t be is another story. The point is that in many cases, especially if it is a portable, the device may become unusable. So keep these household products away from your laptop.

Keep these household products away from your laptop!

Household cleaning products

Some people clean their computer with the cloth they are using for other things. This can be a danger, especially if we use household cleaning products. These products usually include ammonia, bleach and vinegar. Now these are aggressive chemicals that can corrode the metal.

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Ammonia in particular can be very deceiving as it effectively removes dirt and grease stains. However, it can also corrode aluminum (or any other metal).

Bleach also has the same effect as ammonia, as both are alkaline.

It’s true that most computer plastics and even the keys are made from a material that is resistant to chemical corrosion. But continued use will cause problems. Furthermore, it will also cause discoloration on the plastic.

White vinegar is also a bad school. is that it is very acidic and can corrode metal and compromise the structural integrity of the plastic.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are made from wood pulp fibers, which are abrasive and can leave scratches on your computer. Using it repeatedly on the delicate part of your computer will act like sandpaper, leaving multiple scraping marks on your device.


Soap can be abrasive, leave residue and even cause moisture, which in turn causes corrosion.

clean the computer

If you need something to clean your computer, find a solution with isopropyl alcohol or a product specifically designed for electronics.

Glass cleaner

Glass cleaners often contain ammonia and alcohol which can damage plastics and leave difficult-to-remove stains on your screen. It can also wear off the anti-reflective coating.


Never use this! Acetone is a powerful solvent that can dissolve plastics. It can remove the protective coating from the screen and cause a lot of damage.

In fact, the situation is so serious that the Apple listed acetone as one of the things you should never use to clean your screen.


The only alcohol you should use to clean your computer is isopropyl alcohol. Normal alcohol may contain impurities or water or be too harsh for your computer.


Toothpaste is good for polishing out scratches on your computer’s body, but it is not a good cleaning agent. That said, they contain abrasives that can damage delicate parts of the equipment such as the screen.

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