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There is a button on the microwave that you shouldn’t always use!



In these times, a microwave is essential for heating food or drinks in a short time. However, the fact that they are so simple to use can lead to some errors. So we need to be careful. That being said, there is a button on the microwave that we shouldn’t always use!

There is a button on the microwave that you shouldn’t always use!

Often, to start the process of heating food, we limit ourselves to using a single button for this purpose: – the quick heating button. Still, this could be a big mistake. You really should adjust your energy levels!

Using the correct power setting for different foods ensures better results. Otherwise, we end up with cold and hot spots. In fact, experts warn against using the 30-second button to quickly reheat food. It’s a bad idea because it uses the highest power. If we use a lower power level everything gets better and more consistent.

But this misuse of the microwave does not only occur when we are heating food. All because these appliances are not only great for reheating food, but also for defrosting. meat and meals. However, not defrosting properly can leave us with partially frozen or partially cooked meat.

Again, do not use the quick heat button. Normally you have to set the microwave to defrost, insert the weight and set the lowest power (or 20-30% power). Then defrost for 8-10 minutes, per 0.5kg. Always check the meat every one or two minutes.

Now that you know the rule for defrosting and the reason for not using the quick shortcut button, you know how to get more out of your microwave.

Meanwhile, speaking of heating food, I leave you with one more important tip!

Not all foods can be heated in a microwave, and they can often “explode”. Foods like hot (spicy) peppers, eggs, or whole potatoes are known to explode at high temperatures, and can even catch fire in the microwave. Another example of this is tomato sauce. So be careful what heats up.

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