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Kemuri Announcement Trailer



The popular director Ikumi Nakamura revealed to us The Game Awards 2023 that your studio Unseen is working on Kemuri, a game that has no release date yet. You can see the announcement trailer above.

Nakamura worked as creative director, art director and conceptual artist at Tango Gameworks It is Zenimax for nine years. She worked in Ghostwire: Tokyo for several years before leaving the project.

Nakamura wrote the story, setting, and character backgrounds of Ghostwire: Tokyo. She also designed concept art for characters, creatures, and the main visuals of the setting. She served as a concept artist on the games The Evil Within It is The Evil Within 2 from Tango Gameworks. Nakamura worked in Bayonetta from Platinum Games as concept artist and in Okami from CAPCOM as an environmental artist.

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