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Prime Video’s Christmas movies that you really can’t miss



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In the month in which Christmas is celebrated, Prime Video presents a catalog full of films about the season that you really won’t want to miss.

O Christmas It’s the most magical time of the year and the Prime Video promises to add even more color and sparkle to this festivities with a selection of Christmas films that invite the whole family to spend time together in front of the small screen. During the month of Decemberthe platform catalog streaming It is full of comedies with actors well known to the general public, but also international productions that invite the viewer to find out more about Christmas celebrations across borders.

This month in which Christmas is celebrated is also marked by the premiere of “Candy Cane Lane”, a feature film that is currently at the top of the most watched films in the world. platform in the last days. But many other films promise to bring the magic of this season to the small screen, reminding us how special and important the celebration of Christmas is.

The following eight feature films will be available in the Prime Video catalog throughout the month of December, captivating the hearts of the Portuguese public with fun and inspiring stories that no one can miss.


Year after year, Chris Carver (Eddie Murphy) desperately tries to win his neighborhood’s best Christmas decorations contest, but constantly loses to his neighbor’s Christmas decorations. Frustrated with the situation, especially after losing his job, the family man tries to win the final prize at all costs. When walking through the city with his family, Chris discovers a store with beautiful Christmas effects sold by Pepper (Jillian Bell). When signing the invoice, the man signs a pact with an evil Elf who ends up transforming the decorations into real living beings.

Since its debut, the December 1Candy Cane Lane” became the most watched film on Prime Video, not only in Portugal but worldwide. This is a feature film that presents a true family drama without losing its comedic content. In addition to Eddie Murphy (“The Prince returns to New York“) and Jillian Bell (“Godmothered“), the film also features Tracee Ellis Ross (“Black-ish”) in the main cast.


Trip is a very unconventional Elf who likes to build dangerous toys that are very different from what we are used to. Many times, Santa’s Little Helper actually ends up developing real weapons instead of plastic toys. One day, the Elf ends up crossing paths with Elia, a shy child who lives in Italy and who appears to be the opposite of the magical creature. However, when an evil businessman tries to steal the region’s Christmas spirit, the two friends must overcome their differences and try to save the festive season together.

Pasquale Petrolo (“The Great Beauty”) and Federico Ielapi (“Pinocchio“) are the two actors who star in this Italian feature film that arrived in the Prime Video catalog at the end of November. In just two weeks, “Elf Me” continues to be in the top 10 most watched films on the streaming platform. streaming in our country.


Damian Wayne dreams of being a superhero like his progenitor, Batman. His father always tried to protect his son, trying to keep them away from the dangers of Gottham City. However, on Christmas Eve, when Batman takes to the streets to protect his population, little Damian becomes aware of a great threat that tries to put an end to the Christmas spirit. Inspired by his father’s skill, Batman’s son doesn’t miss the opportunity to try to save Christmas in the city.

Merry LittleBatman” will be available in the Prime Video catalog from the day December 8 and has names like Yonas Kibreab (“Obi-Wan Kenobi“), Luke Wilson (“The Goldfinch“) It is James Cromwell (“Succession“) in the voices of the main roles. The animated feature film is produced by Warner Bros. animation and is inspired by the well-known superhero saga, “Batman“.


Pepe (Lazaro Ramos) experiences authentic chaos when he decides to spend Christmas with his family, joining his two daughters and the children of his new wife, Tina (Ingrid Guimarães). In the midst of the confusion, one of the girls wishes that the Christmas season would end forever and, miraculously, the request is granted, making the world forget the existence of Christmas. Desperate, the family tries at all costs to bring back the festive season.

The World’s First Christmas” is a Brazilian comedy that arrives on the streaming platform streaming already on the day December 8, promising to bring a lot of laughs. Furthermore, the feature film also promises to present a message with the true meaning of Christmas, showing that family and hope are two of the most important pillars of the season.


Lucia (Ana Serradilla) always told his daughter Leo (Olivia Duflos) which was a Christmas gift because being a mother was her greatest desire. Since then, little Leo has come to love the season and, especially, Santa Claus. When Lucia meets Sergio (David Chocarro), the two immediately fall in love, but the woman doesn’t have the courage to tell her daughter. Until one day, Sergio decides to show up at his wife’s house, forcing her to make up an excuse for her daughter, saying that the man was Santa Claus. Suspicious, Leo tries to unmask Sergio, but ends up realizing his mother’s happiness and decides to accept his new stepfather.

Santa Mi Amor” is a Mexican feature film that arrives in the Prime Video catalog December 8 and that will melt many hearts with the moving story that focuses on the role of family. Together, the trio of main actors will show the true values ​​of Christmas and how important our own happiness is.


Greg is a police officer who puts his profession above all else. On Christmas Eve, when duty calls, the man does not hesitate to abandon his daughter to fulfill his duty. In an attempt to teach Greg a lesson, Santa Claus decides to make Greg’s daughter’s dream come true and swaps her life with Richard Silestone, the protagonist of his favorite film. Richard is a loving family man and a man in debt who finds himself in the body of a police officer without ever having had the courage to harm anyone.

In day December 8 Another hilarious comedy arrives in the Prime Video catalog to celebrate Christmas. “Un Stupéfiant Noel” is french feature film which has Eric Judor (“Platane”) and Matthias Quiviger (“Les Gagnants”) in the main roles and promises to bring a lot of laughs.


James and Hayley are a young couple who accidentally end up spending Christmas with each other’s families. James is the son of an Earl with a military career and Hayley was born into a working-class family. While they are spending the season with their family, the two agree not to reveal that they are boyfriends, but the young couple hides many other secrets that will be discovered in the worst way. When they try to leave someone else’s family and return home, all trains are cancelled, forcing them to stay longer at their in-laws’ home.

Asa Butterfield (“Lady Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children“) It is Cora Kirk (“After – Forever”) are the two actors who star in “Your Christmas or Mine?“, a film released in 2022 on Prime Video and which proved to be a real success. Despite the differences and all the surprises, love ends up prevailing in this fun comedy.


After the chaos of the previous Christmas, James’s father invites Hayley’s family to spend the festive season at a luxury ski resort in the Alps. When transportation at the airport becomes chaotic and quite confusing, the two families end up in completely opposite accommodation, swapping places with their compadres. Once again, the Taylor-Hughes’ Christmas turns out to be disastrous and challenging for the young couple who are forced to overcome yet another festivities.

After the success of “Your Christmas or Mine?” behold, the Taylor-Hughes get together again for another crazy Christmas in “Your Christmas or Mine 2“, a fun comedy that brings back a luxury cast, also featuring Jane Krakowski (“Pixels”). The feature film arrives on Prime Video also December 8.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Are you curious about any of the films that will be available in the Prime Video catalog?

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