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KuantoKusta decided to launch Kabaz! Do you know what for?



Perhaps more interesting than saving a few bucks on a smartphone, television or sound system, is saving money on the most critical purchases of our week, that is, grocery shopping. After all, have you ever looked at the price of food, or rather, the almost crazy increase in the price of food over the last 2 or 3 years?

We need to change the way we make shopping lists, and of course, understand which supermarkets are actually offering promotions, or not.

KuantoKusta decided to launch Kabaz! Do you know what for?


Therefore, we are talking about the new Kabaz platform, which will allow us to identify the supermarket where a given shopping list is cheaper, in order to optimize consumers’ savings. It will also be possible to divide this same list, so that consumers can go to more than one supermarket, to achieve even greater savings.

The platform will also be able to recommend similar products, but cheaper.

However, to achieve all this feat, KuantoKusta promises to update prices several times a day. Furthermore, prices are available by location, making it much easier to adapt the platform to each user’s reality.

Among some simple tests using a banal shopping list, it was possible to verify savings of between €20 and €40. And money! But perhaps more important than this, with a free platform available to everyone, this will obviously put supermarket chains on alert, promoting rivalry and therefore better prices.

It is also worth highlighting that KuantoKusta invested around 500 thousand euros in this platform, which took 2 years to become a reality. All with the promise of revolutionizing the way people shop at the supermarket.

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