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Android: how to save and share an email in PDF format



Have you ever needed an email in PDF format to send to someone? Even if it is to register in document format? It is something that sooner or later we will all need. The good news is that this is a simple thing to do, even when it’s on your smartphone. So we will explain how you can save and share an email in PDF format.

Android: how to save and share an email in PDF format

This can be useful for a wide variety of reasons. For example, to save an invoice that came in text format or to share a message in a format that several people can open.

The process is very simple.

The first thing you have to do is open Gmail on your smartphone Android. Then open the message you want to save as a PDF.

When you are in the window containing the email message open, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then click Print.

Gmail save as PDF

Then the possibility arises of being able to save the file as a PDF.

Gmail save as PDF

At this point, if you have already defined the paper size, you just have to click on the PDF icon.

Gmail save as PDF

Finally, we just have to indicate the location where we want to save the file. So from that moment on, the converted email will be saved in the destination folder. Don’t forget to click Save.

You can now exit the Gmail app and locate the saved PDF file using any Android file management app.

However, now that you have saved the email to your device’s storage, you no longer need to keep visiting Gmail to look for the same message. This way you will free yourself from the tedious process of searching for a specific email whenever you need to consult some information, especially if you receive a lot of messages.

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