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LEGO continues to invest in Portugal and surprises national fans with a store in Chiado



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The LEGO Group continues to view Portugal favorably. There are no two without three and the Danish brand is opening a new store in spring!

In September 2022, the LEGO Group, alongside Percassiopened the first certified store in Portugal at the Colombo Shopping Center. A store that arrived through a partnership that has resulted in hundreds of new stores spread across Europe.

The Lisbon store was a success snapshot, including on opening day there was a queue to get in until 3pm. A year later, the Danish brand returned to invest in Portugal, this time in the area north from the country. In this sense, the second certified LEGO store opened in NorteShopping.

Unlike the store Colombo Shopping Centerit doesn’t have a Minifigure Factory but it does have one Frenchie of six kilos. Written by Romão Santos, from Community 0937, we can enjoy a francesinha made with more than 6 thousand pieces and with a total weight of 6 kilos. A few months after the opening of the second store, the LEGO Group continues the “attack”!


LEGO store warehouses do chiado percassi harry potter star wars

For the third consecutive year, the LEGO Group once again invests in Portugal and then in zone history of the capital. After Colombo Shopping Center and NorteShopping, it is now time for Chiado Warehouses receive the most famous bricks in the world! With a dimension of 97 mtwoa series of exciting events and a varied range of products, the new store is scheduled to open in the spring.

Rossana MastrosiminiChannel Director of Group LEGO, he says, “we are excited about the opening of a beautiful new store in the city of Lisbon. Portugal is a strategic country for the LEGO Group and for Percassi, which has always supported us. After the success of the last two years, it is an honor for us to bring a physical and digital play experience and help families, children and brick fans unleash their creativity and discover the superpower that is play.”


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