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Many producers are already working on Nintendo Switch 2



New Nintendo Switch (OLED model) on October 8, 2021

A recent survey of more than 3000 indie and AAA video game producers revealed that at least 250 of them are already working on Nintendo Switch 2.

Officially the Nintendo has not yet announced the successor to Nintendo Switchwe don’t even know if it’s going to be called Nintendo Switch 2but one thing is certain, from the respondents, at least 8% is already creating games for the successor to Nintendo Switch.

Industry Analyst Says Nintendo Switch 2 Will Cost $400

Leaks point out that the Nintendo Switch 2 should be announced and launched at the end of 2024 and its price will be around 400 dollars. The console is described as an evolution of Nintendo Switchso it won’t have drastically different hardware from what we already find in the current Nintendo Switch.

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