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Live – OtakuPT Awards 2023



On January 27th at 9:00 pm (6:00 pm Brazil), we will be live on our YouTube channel for OtakuPT Awards 2023where the big winners of our awards that have been taking place since 2011 will be revealed. This is a good time to subscribe our channel youtube.

OtakuPT Awards 2023 Categories

  • Best Anime Series of 2023
  • Worst Anime of 2023
  • Best Male Character of 2023
  • Best Female Character of 2023
  • Best opening of 2023
  • Best ending of 2023
  • Best video game of 2023
  • Best live-action adaptation of 2023
  • Best anime moment of 2023
  • Best Manga release in Portugal in 2023
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