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WhatsApp prepares one of the best updates ever for Android users



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WhatsApp continues to innovate and improve the user experience. This update promises to change the lives of Android users.

Probably, even before reading this news, you were using one of the most popular applications. known of the world, the Whatsapp. These days it is main communication tool. The limitations of SMS and many others factors made WhatsApp gain millions of users around the world.

According to statistics, in 2023 the application had 2.3 billion views users unique, roughly a third of the world’s population. In the end, WhatsApp ends up being a tool in work, but also a place for various groups of friends and family to always catch up. However, to always remain relevant it’s needed always be innovating.

Therefore, in recent times, the application has received several functionalities special – the users gained more time when starting conversations with contacts that were not previously saved in the listthe creation of stickers within the application, the change interface color, as possible third blue visa, among many others.

However, it seems that it is about to arrive one of the best features for Android users!


whatsapp iphone android share data update
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According to the website WABetaInfoWhatsApp is about to implement a new file sharing feature similar to AirDrop from iPhone and Android’s Nearby/Quick Share. And how will it work?

Similar to what happens in AirDrop (iOS), WhatsApp users on Android smartphones will be able to share encrypted files with people nearby. It’s not yet known when it will be available, but It’s already in beta.


What is your smartphone? What should be the next feature to be implemented?

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