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Make the most of Waze’s functions this Christmas!



At Christmas time it’s not easy to be on the road. Whether for those who have to move around cities or for people who are going to travel. So, for everything to run smoothly, it is essential to have Waze, especially so you don’t get lost. However, this Christmas, Waze can do much more than give directions and potentially help you get around faster than usual. Google Maps and the Apple Maps. There are a number of other features available, which are not always obvious.

Make the most of Waze’s functions this Christmas!

Find the cheapest fuels

With the prices of Gasoline at record levels, it pays to know how to find cheap gas. Waze can help you find it, with a feature that shows the price of different types of gasoline and diesel in any location.

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Just press the search bar at the bottom of the screen, tap Fuel and a list of nearby gas stations will be displayed, with addresses, distance and, above all, gas prices. If you tap a specific location, a company profile with more information appears. Being a navigation application, Waze also tells you how to get to the location with a simple tap.

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But be careful: all Waze information is obtained through crowdsourcing. So there may be changes. Therefore, it is a good idea to check when prices were updated.

Schedule routes

While Waze can give you the best route when you’re on the road, it also helps ensure you leave at the right time. To do this, you just have to use the program route option. It’s as if you were introducing a destination. However, instead of continuing the journey, program the route.

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Alternatively, you can also sync Waze with your calendar from the “Plan a trip” menu, which allows the app to do all this automatically.

Avoid tolls, highways and more

Waze literally sends you anywhere if it means shaving a few seconds off your expected arrival time, but if you’d rather avoid additional costs, you can tell the app exactly what you’re comfortable with or not. To do this, you just have to go to your profile and then driving and you will have a series of options.

Optimize routes for your vehicle

Different vehicles have different needs, and this affects how they travel on the roads. For example, taxis can use certain routes and lanes that are not available to private cars, while motorbikes can take shortcuts on streets too small for a full-sized car.

So, by telling Waze the type of vehicle you’re driving, it can optimize your route accordingly. Just go to my Waze > Settings > Vehicle. Then just indicate the type of vehicle you have. You can also add identifiers and other important information.

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