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2nm in 2025! Apple ready to bet on technology!



Do you still remember everything that was said about the increase in complexity in the development and production of new processes to give rise to even more advanced, powerful and efficient chips in the coming years? More specifically, that 3nm should be the standard for a few years, to give TSMC some time to develop 2nm?

Well, it seems that TSMC has once again gained confidence in its capabilities, and so we will see 2nm in 2025. Who will have access before everyone else? Guess what!

2nm in 2025! Apple ready to bet on technology!

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Therefore, it seems that TSMC’s 2nm process will begin to be mass produced in 2025, and apparently, Apple is ready to pay for exclusive access, just as it did with the recently launched process 3nm.

In fact, despite the fact that it has been a few months since the iPhone 15 hit the shelves, the reality is that Apple continues to be the owner and mistress of 3nm, and should continue to be so until mid-2024, or whoever you know, early 2025.

Still, as evolution cannot stop, Apple is already smiling at a new evolutionary leap exclusively for itself. In other words, TSMC’s 2nm (N2) process will most likely serve as the basis for the iPhone 17 Pro and 17 Pro Max processors in 2025.

Will it really be true?

Quite honestly, I don’t see Qualcomm, MediaTek, AMD, NVIDIA, etc… Letting this happen… Again.

Yes, it’s true that Apple has plenty of money to do the same thing again. But, in my most honest opinion, I think this is just a move by TSMC to get the big players in the market to negotiate, in order to value their future production processes.

Well, let’s wait and see.

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