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Mark your calendar for January 4th! Netflix is ​​going to explode!



It is true that Netflix has not yet revealed much of what we will have access to during the next year of 2024 on the platform, with the only certainty that we will have at our disposal several series and films that will certainly be spectacular. However, there is one in particular that is arousing our curiosity and the curiosity of many users who will certainly want to take a look at this project as soon as it arrives.

Therefore, we are talking about none other than “The Sun Brothers”. An American series that brings one of the styles we love to see most on the platform. In other words, nothing more, nothing less, than action. But what exactly can we expect from the story of this fantastic series and when will it premiere?

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Mark your calendar for January 4th! Netflix is ​​going to boom!

Therefore, this new series centers its story on a member of the triad who is forced to travel to Los Angeles after learning that his mother and his naive brother are being threatened and have become targets of a mysterious enemy. In other words, it’s safe to say that some heads will roll…

When it comes to the cast, we have some names like Michelle Yeoh, Justi Chien and even Sam Song Li. The release date, as our title says, is set for January 4th. This is a date that you really cannot miss if you really like action projects.

January 4th

In short, we are sure that 2024 will be incredible in terms of content on Netflix. And starting the year with a series of these is the right indication of that. But let’s wait and see what the platform announces to us soon.

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