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Sony wants to change strategy on smartphones. Goodbye Xperia!



As I’m tired of saying, the world of smartphones, especially the Android side, has to change very significantly in the coming months/years if it wants to maintain its levels of competitiveness compared to everything Apple has to offer the market.

Well, if there’s any company that read what we said a few weeks ago, it’s Sony. A technological giant that has been in smartphone “limbo” for almost a decade, but seems to want to take advantage of this paradigm shift in the Android ecosystem to regain consumer attention.

Or else… It really is the end of the line for Sony in the world of smartphones.

Let’s hope it’s the first chance!

Sony wants to change strategy on smartphones. Goodbye Xperia!

xperia 5 ii

Personally, I still remember the time when Sony had incredible smartphones, with top specifications, and a build quality that would make any other manufacturer jealous, easily fighting for the throne of best sellers in Portugal, as well as in other regions of the world. .

It seems like a long time ago… and it was!

Sony hasn’t been a force in Android for several generations, and despite the change in strategy that happened with the Xperia 1 and 5, the reality is that consumers continue to think that Sony did like LG and stopped producing smartphones, or who does it just for fun.

Sony Xperia 5

Well, Sony doesn’t like losing money on anything, nor does it like not being a reference in any market in which it is involved. Therefore, things will have to change, and it seems that everything involves a change in strategy in the design and naming of its product ranges.

This means that the “Xperia” brand will cease to exist, with Sony ready to do something completely new in 2024.

Well, there are also some rumors pointing to Sony being ready to completely give up on this market, but… I don’t believe that. Sony makes too much money from sensors and chips that serve as the basis for thousands of smartphones, to simply say goodbye to this market. I want to believe that Sony has the desire to turn the situation around.

Let’s wait and see!

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