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Marvel’s Blade has apparently been in development since January 2022



One of the surprises of The Game Awards 2023 was the revelation that the Bethesda Softworksyou Arkane Studios Lyon and the Marvel Games are working on Marvel’s Bladea game that, as the name suggests, is based on Blade.

Although the Bethesda revealed that “development” of the game has just begun, the Arkane Lyon may have started working on Marvel’s Blade much earlier, at least judging by the profile LinkedIn in Dana Nightingale where she states that since January 2022 she has been “director of the level design team and lead campaign designer in Marvel’s Blade“.

The story of Marvel’s Blade takes place in a quarantine area in Paris in the midst of a supernatural emergency. Vampires emerged, terrorizing the city of lights and forcing Parisians to take shelter inside their homes at night to wait for the sun to rise.

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