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Netflix continues to cancel many series while Apple TV+ leads with the best sci-fi



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Apple TV+ is gaining ground compared to other streaming platforms. In this genre, no one beats the technology giant’s platform.

Through a study developed by Parrot Analytics, it was concluded that more than 50% of Apple TV+ content has a good or better rating. What does this mean?

Apple TV+ is becoming one of the best streaming platforms today. Much because of series like “hijack”, “The Bad Sisters”, “Silo”, “Foundation”, “For All Mankind”,“Ted Lasso”, “Lessons in Chemistry”, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters“, among others. Furthermore, the technological giant has invested heavily in film production.

Two of the most impressive films of the year, “Napoleon“, in Ridley Scott It is “Flower Moon Assassins“, in Martin Scorsese, are branded by Apple Film Studios. Although they are still showing in theaters, they will most likely reach the streaming platform. Apple TV+ has done everything to become one of the best streaming platforms, but the way the competition has acted has helped it gain more subscribers.

Netflix, probably the best-known platform, has gained a reputation for canceling its series at any time. “1899” It is “You” were the two most recent victims of this cancellation management.

Among the genres most likely to be canceled are fantasy and sci-fi, because a larger budget is needed to produce them. However, Apple TV+ proved to be a safe haven for fans of both genres.


Apple TV+
© Apple TV+

The most recent debut, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”, soon reached the first place of most watched series of the moment on Apple TV+. The series focuses on the legendary Godzilla and other monsters created by the studios Toho.

The series is led by a father and son duo, Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell. Matthew Simpson of That Shelfhe writes, “between the performances, the monsters and the writing, Apple has another success on its hands, both for fans and those who are not fans of the Monsterverse.”

Apple TV+
© Apple TV+

Likewise, the field of sci-fi has become the genre favorite from Apple TV+, highlighting “Silo”, “For All Mankind” and “Foundation”.

At the Rotten Tomatoesthese three series have impressive ratings – 88%, 92% and 86%, respectively. The last series mentioned, “Foundation”, despite having the “worst” rating of the three, has one of the best foundations in science fiction, as it drew inspiration from the books of Isaac Asimov, a pillar of science fiction.

Adam Lock, from Ready Steady Cuthe writes, “Foundation It’s a real spectacle. There’s no denying that. The visual effects and world-building are next level. It’s a science fiction fanatic’s dream come true.”


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