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NAISU reveals its initial content at CCXP23



A CCXP23 is being held this week in Brazil and Artworks Entertainment Group, within the event, the first panel of NAISUthe newest free distribution service for licensed anime in Brazil.

The panel was attended by Rod Rossi (executive director), Matheus Chami (visual manager) and Thai Spierr (communication manager), and revealed that in 2024 the service will launch animes in Brazil Cardcaptor Sakura (classic series), Future Boy Conan and new seasons of fairy tail. The anime will also be available in a dubbed version in Brazil. O NAISU it will also have original productions that will include reports and documentaries.

O NAISU will aim to make licensed anime content more accessible in Latin America. Making its licensed and original content available for free on YouTube, NAISU will also be present on TV and streaming blocks.

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