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The 10 films that Ridley Scott (Napoleon) considers “must watch”



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Ridley Scott was once again the highlight of the day thanks to his new film, “Napoleon”. For the director, these are the best films ever made.

Nominated four times for the OscarsRidley Scott is one of the best filmmakers ever.

Over his more than 60-year career, the 85-year-old filmmaker made some of the best films in history – “Gladiator”, “Blade Runner”, “The Last Duel”, “1492”, “American gangster”, “Napoleon”, “Robin Hood”, “All The Money in the World”, “Gucci House”, “Thelma and Louise”, among others. Likewise, the director British accumulated a vast experience about the seventh art.

In that regard, Ridley Scott chose the best films of all time, with a big surprise at the end.

GILDA (1946)

Starring the legendary Rita Hayworth, this 1940s classic tells a story of intrigue, hatred, intimidation and an extramarital affair.

With a 90% rating on Rotten TomatoesKate Cameron, from New York Daily Newshe wrote, “if you’re looking for escape in a movie, you’ll find relief from the worry of today’s scary headlines at Music Hall, where Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford are pitted against each other in a battle of hate and love.”

2001: SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)

For many, it is the best science fiction film in the history of cinema. Charles Champlin, of Los Angeles Timeswrites “2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick, is the film that science fiction enthusiasts of all ages and in all corners of the world prayed the industry would give them one day.” And they did.


A classic from Ingmar Berman. This Swedish film tells the story of “a girl and a boy from working-class families in Stockholm who run away from home to spend an isolated and romantic summer at the beach. Inevitably, it isn’t long before the two are forced back to reality.”


For many, the best film in the history of cinema. Orson Wells’ masterpiece is studied by thousands of film students due to the various cinematographic techniques used.

With a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Manuel São Benedictformer Magazine.HD critic, writes, “Everything about this film’s production and origins, precedent-setting technical aspects, and innovative narrative prove that Orson Welles was a perfectionist filmmaker far ahead of his time.”


Another cinema classic, an epic that has aged very well and continues to stand up to the great battle scenes of today. It is without any surprise that Ridley Scott includes this film on his list of the best films in history.


It wouldn’t be a true list of the best films in history if it hadn’t included the masterpiece by Akira Kurosawa.

In Japanese feudal times, a village is constantly being attacked by looters. It is up to an old samurai, along with six other samurai, to train the villagers to protect themselves.


Ingmar Bergman’s second film on this list. Like Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott also greatly admires the work of one of the best directors of the Old Continent.

Derek Malcom, from London Evening Standardonly points out positive aspects in relation to this film – “superb winter images filmed by Bergman, very similar to those of a silent film, imprint themselves indelibly on the mind, while the knight’s search for a God who never responds prefigures the pessimism of director’s later work.”


A little-known masterpiece. “Muriel’s Wedding” tells the story of a 22-year-old girl who has never had any friends. Her life changes when she meets another young woman who is also excluded by everyone. A film that shows that there is always an escape from our problems.


“One of the most influential films ever made and the saddest,” writes Roger Moore of Movie Nation.

Starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire tells the story of a nuclear war that annihilated almost all of humanity. The only survivors were the inhabitants of Australia and a North American submarine.

KILLING EVE (2018-2022)

Ridley Scott chose Jodie Comer for the protagonist of “The Last Duel” after seeing his performance in “Killing Eve”.

It’s not a film, but the director was an absolute fan of the series – “I became a big fan of Jodie because I was always watching “Killing Eve, which I think is fantastic. The interaction between her and her enemy, Sandra Oh, was so comical and wonderful.”, said the director.

Have you seen some of the films?

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