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Netflix film recorded in Portugal now has a release date!



Whenever Netflix announces a new action film, with some big names in the mix, it is undeniable that excitement and expectations start to rise immediately. Especially when the launch starts to get closer and closer.

But, in this more specific case, the mood is a little higher for the PT public! After all, the project was recorded here in Portugal (Portimão). Which always gives a taste and a desire to see something different.

So, if you still haven’t figured out what film we’re talking about, know that it’s none other than “Maiden“. This project will once again bring the still young but excellent actress Millie Bobby Brown to the spotlight. Expecting immense success around the world and an almost guaranteed place in the top 10 most viewed projects ever on the platform. This is clear, taking into account everything that has already been announced.

Netflix film recorded in Portugal now has a release date!

Therefore, the story of this new Netflix project recorded in Portugal essentially centers on a young woman who decides to marry a prince, and so far so good. The problem is that she doesn’t know that the boy’s family intends to sacrifice her to a mythical creature. In other words, to survive she will have to fight… A lot!

When it comes to the release date, that is the most important thing at the moment. Netflix has finally announced that this film will arrive on the platform on March 8th. In other words, there are only three months to wait, which will certainly be worth it.

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In short, from what we’ve seen regarding this new film, everything seems to be simply fantastic. However, let’s wait and see what new information is revealed soon and whether we are entitled to any more teasers before the official debut.

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