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New Google Chrome functionality will reinforce user security



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Google has just revealed the latest news in Chrome! This is a very useful tool in terms of security.

O Google Chromedeveloped by GoogleIt is one of browsers more popular and widely used all around the world. Launched 15 years ago, in 2008, it quickly stood out for features such as speed, simplicity and, above all, easy integration with other Google services, such as Gmail or the Drive.

In addition, synchronization between devices allows you to easily access your favorites, passwords and history on any device linked to your Google account. The famous extensions are also a resource much appreciated by internet users. They allow you to personalize the browsing experience.

Chrome is still known for its security robust, with the warning of an insecure website and its blocking of pop-ups intrusive. Thus, its versatility and consistent performance make it a no-brainer for many, many millions of users around the world, reflecting its dominance in the browsersboth on mobile and computers.


Google Chrome
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Google announced the expansion of functionality Safety Check Chrome, which now runs automatically in the background on your desktop. This update will enable continuous security checks, alerting users to passwords compromised and possible inappropriate site extensions or permissions.

This way, the user will be able to act based on alerts from the Safety Check, accessible from Chrome’s three-dot menu (in the top right corner). Additionally, Google also announced the future ability to save groups of separators for use on different devices, facilitating the transition between, for example, a desktop computer and a portable one.

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