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unORDINARY and Theory of KO mangas in Portugal



The Publisher WING will publish in Portugal in the first half of 2024 the “manga” unORDINARY It is Theory of KO. As we previously reported, the works will also be released in Portugal by the publisher Day off (Day Off) Dailygreens and still Radiant in Tony Valente.

unORDINARY by Uru-chan

unORDINARY de Uru-chan vol 1 cover

UnOrdinary (stylized as unORDINARY) is an original fantasy series Webtoon created and illustrated by Uru-chan. It was released on LINE Webtoon on May 24, 2016.

unORDINARY follows the life of John Doe, a teenager who attends Wellston Private High School, a prestigious school where each student possesses all kinds of special powers. Because he is a (common) cripple, John is bullied and beaten daily by other people. One day, he encounters Seraphina, the Goddess and Ace of Wellston, who also ambushes him over the school’s prized chocolate cake; although they eventually develop a bond and become friends. However, John has a dark secret that no one knows about, and his life in Wellston goes downhill very quickly.

Similar to the popular shōnen manga and anime series My Hero Academia, unOrdinary takes place in a world where humans have abilities, which are superpowers, and those who are low-level (weak) or powerless (referred to as “cripples”) are relentlessly bullied by those who are more powerful. This basic premise is used to convey a message about society.

Chelsey HanMore known as Uru-chan is the author of unORDINARY. In addition to unORDINARYshe is also responsible for writing OFR Ice.

Theory of KO by Mathieu Reynes

The future, our world… After years of health, economic and ecological crises, a global civil war begins. The event that ignited the gunpowder was a huge pharmaceutical and political scandal denounced by the activist group CHAOS. 15 years later, civilization resurfaced, divided between large urban centers, under military and medical surveillance, and freer rural areas, where those who refuse take refuge. this health control system. People in rural areas create KO as a wrestling sport that is corrupt and dangerous.

Mathieu Reynes

Mathieu Reynes was born in the Paris region in 1977, but spent his childhood on the Basque coast. After several years of scientific studies in Bordeaux, he turned his attention to cartoons and 3D animation, joining the CNBDI Angoulême, first as a student and then as a tutor. After a few years, he decided to dedicate himself to Comics. His first album, Banana Fightwas launched by Paquet in 2002, in collaboration with the screenwriter Brrémaud. The duo then created two volumes of the series sexy gun (éditions Soleil) and three volumes of Lola Bogotá (Bamboo). He later produced several comedy series also published by Bamboo, all co-written with Brrémaud: Les Tennismen (art by Bertolucci), Les informaticiens (Toulon art), Toutou & Cie (art by Soffritt) and Les Maîtres Nageurswhich he illustrated.

In 2007, Mathieu Reynes embarked on the adventure of Alter Ego for Dupuis (Europe Comics in English, 2015) alongside Denis Lapiere It is Pierre-Paul Renders. Meanwhile, he wrote the album’s script Water Memory, illustrated by Valérie Vernay, released in 2012 by Dupuis (La mémoire de l’eau) and in 2016 by Lion Forge. In 2016, Dupuis launched Harmony.

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