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NewPOP loses Solo Leveling rights in Brazil



Solo Leveling vol.  6 cover of Portugal (1)

In a statement to NewPOP revealed in his Web site who was unable to reach an agreement with the Korean publisher who held the rights to Solo Leveling to continue publishing the work in Brazil. This non-renewal of the contract means that the publisher can no longer continue the series.

In the statement we can read:

We apologize to everyone for the silence to date and hope you understand that this type of legal issue cannot be discussed with you until it has been resolved and all possible attempts at agreement have been completed. We are very sorry not to be able to continue the series and we hope that Solo Leveling can be completed in Brazil by another publisher.

A NewPOP stated that this is a one-off situation and that the Korean publisher’s other series are not in the same danger. He also explained that customers who have a subscription will receive an email to request a refund and cancel their purchase.

In Portugal the manhwa Solo Leveling is published by Presence Editorial which in November released its 6th volume.

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