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Hunter x Hunter author talks about his initial plans for the manga



In the same interview in which Yoshihiro Togashithe author of the manga Hunter X Hunterspoke about the recent changes of the manga, he also addressed his initial plans for the manga.

The information comes from a rare interview in Japan. In a letter correspondence to the Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show, Yoshihiro answered a series of questions about Hunter X Hunter. It was there that the artist was asked how much of the manga he had initially planned.

Yoshihiro Togashi he wrote:

The first three chapters [foram planeados]. Once I had a rough idea of ​​the setting (or the story in another world that focuses on the Hunter profession), I felt like I could continue the story as long as I wanted. So I decided that the aim of the serialization would be to “continue for as long as possible” which should start with the main character taking the Hunter Exam.

At the beginning of the serialization, I decided to write three storyboards and a scene where the main character fails the exam and the story jumps from one to several years in the future. I only decided on the content of the exam shortly before the start of the series because I wanted to take advantage of not knowing what would happen. In the end, after discussing the matter with my editor, the idea of ​​Gon failing the exam was rejected.

Continuing, the creator of Hunter X Hunter talked about which characters he had thought of for the manga. Outside Gonlooks like Killua It is Hisoka were already in Yoshihiro’s mind.

If the question is about what actually appeared in the story, the answer would be the first three chapters. However, I had already decided that the pillars of the story – the friend and the villain – would appear at the beginning of the Exam. I first decide what needs to be done in terms of narrative structure and then work on the details with a great sense of urgency until the last minute. In that sense, I had a rough idea of ​​the outline of the story to follow, but as the time jump idea was rejected, I had to draw the section right before that part and revise my initial plans. I remember probably not being able to finish the manuscript that week.

Although the idea of ​​a time jump is rejected, Yoshihiro Togashi successfully managed to turn history around and Hunter X Hunter From the opening moments it captured the imagination of readers.

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