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Noir Burlesque vol. 2 by A Seita



It is now available via The Sect the second volume of NOIR BURLESQUEthe masterpiece of Enrico MARINIhis great homage to the noir crime film of the 1950s. You can buy here on the publisher’s website.

For Slick things don’t get better. In an ideal world, he would have run away with the woman of his life, the beautiful but unpredictable Caprice… but she is trapped by the fearsome Rex by a secret that could ruin her. And this time, Slick will have to deal with the Italian mafia. Under threat from Rex, he will have to steal a work of art, a painting that depicts the mother of Don Zizzi, the mafia boss, and which was painted by Picasso himself! And for a self-respecting mobster, only one woman counts, his own mother. And stealing what is most precious to you is not a good idea, ending up leading events to a spiral of violence between fatal women, unbalanced killers, bloody shootouts and settling of scores. With lots of lead!

End of an exceptional tribute from Marini to films noir Americans of the 1950s, with the action unfolding at a dizzying pace and always growing until a final outcome that does not leave the reader indifferent, this second volume represents the conclusion of the author’s first proper graphic novel. Marini manages to bring together all the stereotypes of the genre, criminals, femme fatales, beautiful vehicles, through graphics that captivate with the beauty of the lines, the richness of the colors and the sublime reconstruction of the period. A masterpiece!

Born in Basel, Switzerland (1969), but of Italian nationality, Enrico Marini is one of the biggest names in world comics. He has been passionate about drawing since childhood, especially comics, which led him to attend the School of Fine Arts in Basel for four years. With a trait influenced by comics Americans, the fumetti Italian or Japanese manga, and by authors such as Hermann, Jordi Bernet, Jean Giraud, Alex Toth or Katsuhiro Otomo, his work draws the attention of Cuno Affolter, director of the Lausanne Comics Center, on the occasion of a new talent competition at the Sierre Comic Festival in 1987, which will present him to the editor Alpen Publishers. Thus begins the journey of this gifted designer, who will soon move to Humanoides Associés, before establishing himself at Dargaud. From the beginning of the 90s onwards, he illustrated countless titles that earned him fame as one of the superstars of European comics, since Gipsy or The Desert Star, until the mega successes that will be The Scorpio or The Eagles of Rome. This last series is the first work in which Marini asserts himself as a complete author, after having worked with screenwriters such as Exem, Thierry Smolderen, Jean Dufaux and Stephen Desberg. Following this series, he will also end up signing alone the diptych of Batman: Prince Charming of Darkness, and now this Noir Burlesque, his first true “graphic novel”, here concluded in two volumes.

A co-edition Author’s Art It is The Sect

  • 136 color pages, hardcover, 21.5 x 28.5 format
  • ISBN: 978-989-9094-35-2
  • RRP: €29.50
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