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Nothing Chats is over and now the Sunbird app is too



The launch of Nothing Chats and its subsequent withdrawal from Google Play Store It was a disaster that Android users won’t soon forget. In fact, the launch went so badly that the application that served as the basis for Nothing Chats also closed down.

Nothing Chats is over and now the Sunbird app is too

According to the 9to5Google, the Sunbird application is being closed by its creators. Therefore, the application no longer appears on the Google Play Store and Sunbird users received notification that the company “has decided to pause the use of Sunbird for the time being” while security issues are investigated.

Sunbird arrived in 2022 and promised to bring iMessage compatibility to Android. It talked about end-to-end encryption and offered iMessage features, claiming not to collect user data. However, since launch, the application has only been available to those who have signed up to the waiting list.

Last week, Nothing announced a partnership with Sunbird while launching the beta version of Nothing Chats. Nothing Chats uses the Sunbird architecture as a base. However, it has the support of the Nothing team. However, the app was later closed and removed from the Google Play Store in the same week. This after several reports revealed that the software was woefully insecure and not as private as advertised. Nothing has since said it is delaying the launch of Nothing Chats to work with Sunbird to resolve “several bugs.”

Now, Sunbird is following suit and doing the same with its own app.

The company’s latest statement says the following:

Good afternoon everybody. We are investigating security concerns raised in the last 24 hours. As a precaution and to protect your confidential data, we are temporarily closing Sunbird Media. We will keep you informed. Thank you and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Since closing the application, Sunbird has not commented on the situation. The team discovered in their investigation that Sunbird used HTTP instead of HTTPS. Meanwhile, Android developer Dylan Roussel shared that messages are not end-to-end encrypted. Furthermore, Sunbird stores thousands of multimedia files in the Firebase cloud service.

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