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One Piece anime remake on Netflix: everything we know so far



We were all taken by surprise when Jump Festa 2024 it was announced that a remake of the anime by One Piece exclusively for the Netflixentitled The One Pieceeven more so by the hands of Wit Studioresponsible for animes like the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan, Great Pretender, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress It is Ousama Ranking.

The new anime adaptation will feature a condensed episode count and updated animation and will be released exclusively on Netflix globally. Here’s everything we know about the remake of One Piece until now.

In a surprising turn of events, an announcement revealed that a remake of the anime One Piece is under development. O WIT Studio is the animation studio behind the project, with Netflix distributing the anime to hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world. You can see the announcement trailer above.

How much of the One Piece anime is being remade?

At the time of writing this article, we only have confirmation that the first season will cover the entire East Blue Saga. It will possibly consist of 25 episodes, drastically reducing the episode count of the original television adaptation. TOEI Animation by more than half.

If you delete the arc Warship Island from the anime, the East Blue Saga It consists of 53 episodes. They go like this from the beginning of the arc Romance Dawn until the end of the arc Loguetown.

Each episode of One Piece It has an estimated duration of 24 minutes. Therefore, by removing 28 episodes from East Blue Sagathe viewing time is reduced to approximately 672 minutes, or 11.2 hours!

It is not yet clear whether there are plans to revive other sagas, such as Alabasta It is Sky Island. But with the remake expected to be successful with audiences around the world, there will be an appetite for more.

One of the most significant criticisms against the anime One Piece It’s your rhythm. This is often cited by those who want to watch the anime but choose not to due to the huge number of episodes.

The pacing problem even led to a fan-made editing project called One Pacewhich aimed to drastically reduce viewing time for One Piece. The episode count of East Blue Saga in editing One Pace is 37. This means that the new adaptation will have fewer episodes than the fan-made edition.

Why is TOEI Animation not working on the One Piece remake?

A TOEI Animation is still hard at work producing weekly episodes of the anime adaptation of One Piecewhich in January 2024 will enter the arch Egghead.

The One Piece logo

Messages from The One Piece and WIT Studio team about the One Piece remake

Message from the One Piece remake production committee:

This is a project to redesign the East Sea saga anime “One Piece” as a modern video. In a different vein from the anime series, which is still moving forward at full power after 25 years. We want to explore expressions that are only possible today and present Luffy’s adventure in a nostalgic but also new way. The release date is still a long way off and it is a long project that will take even longer to complete, but with the help of our new partners WIT STUDIO and Netflix, we hope to bring “One Piece” to fans around the world and to the future. The “All One Piece” team will do everything possible to deliver this product to the generation that is exposed to it.

Message from Takeshi Wadathe president of the WIT Studioabout the remake of One Piece:

It has finally been announced! “The One Piece”. When I decided to embark on this new adventure, after much thought and concern, I decided to discuss the challenge with everyone. “One Piece” is an anime with more than 1000 episodes created by the weight of this story and the perspective of charting a new trajectory. Our goal is to electrify people around the world by thoughtfully portraying the challenges of chasing dreams, friendship with friends, and hope for the future, as portrayed by Eiichiro Oda. To take this work to every corner of the world, we still need the help of all creators. Would you like to participate in this project and record your name in the film? WIT Studio awaits your participation!!

Will the cast return to play their roles in this remake of One Piece?

We await official confirmation that the original Japanese cast is returning to their roles.

When will the One Piece remake premiere on Netflix?

At the time of writing, there is no official release date for the new anime. One Piece at Netflix.

Fans are hopeful that the remake of One Piece be released to celebrate its 25th anniversary in October 2024. For now, we wait for the Netflix make an official announcement.

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