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OnePlus 12R wants to reign in the mid-range. What is this in 2024!?



What is a mid-range smartphone in today’s Android market? It’s a very complicated question to answer, because the consumer who normally opts for this range is nowadays much more demanding, and curiously more willing to spend money.

More specifically, the smartphone is nowadays an extremely important device in our lives, and as such, consumers who in the past would be happy with a €200 or €300 device, in turn capable of lasting 1 or 2 years in full capabilities, nowadays they want a more premium experience with less potential for failure or slowdowns.

This almost always means paying more, or in some cases paying a lot more… However, to try to adapt to this new world of demands, OnePlus seems to have a very interesting alternative that is not too expensive.

OnePlus 12R wants to be the king of the mid-range. But what is this in 2024!?

OnePlus 12R

Therefore, at a time when the middle class is a bit like the Portuguese middle class… On the verge of extinction! We have a OnePlus trying to launch a device Good, Beautifuland potentially (more) Cheap compared to all other quality alternatives on the market.

We are talking about the OnePlus 12R, which hits the global market on January 23, 2024. What device is this?

Well, at first glance, it is undeniable that the OnePlus 12R is a clone of the more powerful and more expensive OnePlus 12. The design is the same, the software too, and in reality much of the hardware is also a copy.

This is exactly why the OnePlus 12R has everything you would want to find in a more serious top of the range, such as the high quality OLED screen, the SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen2 that gave life to all the top of the range reference on the market in 2023, and of course, a camera system led by a Sony IMX890 sensor.

It’s a full-fledged top of the range, which basically… It’s what the mid-range consumer wants these days. What you need is the right price!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know what that price is, but taking into account that R versions tend to aim to conquer regions still in development, it should be a cheaper proposition than the current Nothing Phone (2). In other words, a device costing around €600.

Is €600 too much money for a top of the range product of this quality? I do not believe!

After all, if we look at the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ or Galaxy A54 5G, they are already devices that easily reach €500, but that’s not even capable of offering the level of performance that OnePlus wants to bring to the table.

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