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Optional update now installs Copilot on Windows 10!



For some time, if you wanted to activate Copilot on Windows 10, you would have to download the build that is available to Insiders and make some adjustments to make it finally work. However, everything has just gotten simpler, which is good news for fans of this trading system. artificial intelligence. So, Microsoft has just released an optional patch that installs Copilot on Windows 10.

Optional update now installs Copilot on Windows 10!

As announced on Microsoft Support, Windows 10 users can now try Copilot with the latest optional update. As it is optional, users will have to check Windows Update manually and look for an update titled KB5032278.

But here’s what Microsoft said about this:

This update adds the Copilot Windows button (in preview) to the right side of the taskbar. This only applies to devices running Home or Pro editions. When you select it, Copilot on Windows appears on the right of the screen. Does not overlap desktop content or block open application windows.

Windows 11 Copilot

Microsoft adds that Copilot will initially appear to a “small audience” and will slowly roll out to more PCs over the coming months. This is due to the way Microsoft handles software updates. Windows. The company prefers to give Copilot to a small group of people at the beginning to make sure everything is okay. Once Microsoft fixes all the issues and confirms that the update is ready to roll out, it slowly rolls it out to more and more people.

These are interesting times for fans of Microsoft’s AI assistant. The technology company recently confirmed that Copilot runs on top of GPT-4 Turbo. It is definitely something to try.

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