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Spider-Man 4: Tom Holland at risk! What do you mean Marvel?



We know perfectly well that Marvel has not been doing well recently when it comes to successful films. After all, fans are fed up with exaggerated special effects and are looking for something more elaborate. So that it doesn’t seem like we’re always seeing the same thing. However, just when everything seemed about to get better… it got worse! This is because, according to the most recent information, it seems that it is not certain that Tom Holland will return to be the protagonist in Spider-Man 4.

Therefore, we do not know to what extent all this information is actually true. But if confirmed, it would be a complete slap with a white glove for Marvel, which would thus lose one of the most well-known and beloved faces among fans of this cinematic universe.

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Spider-Man 4: Tom Holland at risk! What do you mean Marvel?

Therefore, it was during a mini interview that Tom Holland ended up revealing that he will not make any more Spider-Man films just for the sake of it. It really has to be something worth the work and effort.

Furthermore, the actor also reveals that he has enormous affection for this character and even a feeling of protection. Also, since the first film he participated in, they have always managed to improve the quality project by project. In other words, this time it cannot be different in any way.

Last but not least, remember that Spider-Man films are almost always the most profitable for Marvel. After all, “No Way Home” alone grossed something like 1.9 billion euros in cinemas worldwide. It’s a lot of “fruit”…

In short, let’s wait and see what Tom Holland and Marvel decide. Always hoping that everything will be resolved in the best way.

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