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Panini announces Solo Leveling at CCXP23



A CCXP23 is coming to an end this Sunday and on the last day of the event the publisher Panini held its panel with surprising news.

Surprising everyone, the publisher Panini announced that it will publish the manga and novel by Solo Leveling. According to the website JBoxthe launch of the work by Panini will be done from its beginning in volume 1.

Recently the publisher NewPOP announced that it had lost the rights to publish the series in Brazil.

The publisher’s second announcement was the manga Mermaid Melody Pich Pich Pitchauthored by Michiko Yokote It is Pink Hanomori. The manga has seven volumes.

Finally, it was announced that the characters from the Brazilian comic Monica’s Gang they will make a parody of the manga One Piece. Entitled One Fishthe comic will feature Mônica as Nami, Cebolinha as “Zolo”, Cascão as Sanji, Jeremias as Usopp and Chico Bento as Luffy.

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