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Pipoca & Nanquim announces Battle Royale and biography of Junji Ito at CCXP23



A CCXP23 is being held this week in Brazil and on the publisher’s panel Popcorn & Nanking two works focused on manga were announced.

First the relaunch of the manga was announced Battle Royale. The work is the manga adaptation of the novel by Koushun Takami, who co-authored the work with Masayuki Taguchi. The publisher’s edition of Battle Royale will be published in five volumes in 3 in 1 format.

Before making the second announcement, the publisher’s founders Popcorn & Nanking they called the mangaka Junji Ito to the stage, which was received with the audience standing up and applauding the arrival of the mangaka. Junji Ito He said that he is enjoying his time in Brazil, he said that on a visit to Bairro da Liberdade in the city of São Paulo he was recognized a lot on the street and stated that this does not happen in Japan.

As Junji Ito on stage, the publisher Popcorn & Nanking announced that it will publish the book in Brazil Holes of Strangeness: 35 years of Junji Ito’s Careeran autobiographical work about the story of the master of manga horror.

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