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Google Drive receives long-desired functionality for iPhone and iPad



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Google Drive is going to undergo a huge revolution and the winners are iPhone and iPad users!

Google Drive serves as a work tool for thousands of people. Who has an account Gmail You are entitled to 16 free gigs, forever.

If you want more, you have to pay. If you have information, documents and other important files, it is always important to store them in several places, for example, on Google Drive and on an external drive.

To the delight of millions of Google Drive users, Google has just announced a major revolution in its cloud system.


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Google Drive will have a new homepage which will become standard for all users.

However, anyone who prefers the old format can change it. Google explains that the change and new design will make it easier and faster to search for the files we are looking for.

To further improve the new homepagethe cloud will have the help of Artificial intelligence. Therefore, the AI ​​will give you several personalized suggestions according to how you use your Drive. But there is still more news.

Users iPhone It is iPad will finally receive a feature that has long been available for Android. From now on, you will be able to scan with your cell phone to digitize documents and save them in the cloud. This feature has a mechanism that reads scanned files to suggest a title.


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