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Pokémon cards were allegedly stolen from the Van Gogh Museum by employees



Pokémon x Van Gogh teaser press

A collaboration last year between Pokemon and the Van Gogh Museum It ended up becoming quite controversial with many fans protesting for not being able to get the rare cards that very quickly began to be sold online for very high prices. This even led to an official apology for the Pokemon.

Many fans predicted that Pokémon x Van Gogh would generate a lot of demand and so would the employees, and it was now revealed that at least four workers were suspended “after exhibiting misconduct.”

According to the Parool:

According to the museum, the employees, one of whom had been employed for 25 years, did not adhere to employee “procedures and codes of conduct.” According to sources, they informed visitors in several ways about when they could buy tickets. An employee allegedly embezzled a box of Pokémon cards.

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