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The iconic Roger Moore revealed what the “worst James Bond film” is



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One of the most important actors in the saga, Roger Moore, revealed who the “worst James Bond” is.

With a long-time wish, Christopher Nolan has a particular interest in make a film about the saga of James Bond and has generated a lot of hope among fans of the saga.

The director of “The origin”, “Batman: The Beginning”, “Dunkirk”, “Memento”, “Interstellar”, “Tenet”, “Oppenheimer”, “The dark Knight”, “Insomnia”, among many other films, cleared the rumors that the associated to the new James Bond film – “no, unfortunately notthere is no truth in these rumors“, Nolan told The Associated Press in an interview done while promoting the launch in “Oppenheimer” in Blu-Ray.

Despite this “setback” the saga will continue and there is much talk about who will succeed her. Daniel Craig in the role of secret agent.

While there is not a decision final, Roger Moore, one of the most important from the saga revealed which is, for you, the worst film.


james bond 007 roger moore
Roger Moore and Maud Adams in “007 – Operation Tentacle” (1983) © MGM

The British actor played 7 of the 27 films that make up the sagathat is, approximately 25% of the saga was starred by Roger Moore – “007 – Operation Tentacle” (1983), “007 and the Man with the Golden Gun” (1974), “007 – Moving Target” (1985), “007 – Adventure in Space” (1979), “007 – Mission Ultra-Secret” (1981), “007 Lives and Lets Die” (1973) and, what is considered by many to be his best film, “007 – The Irresistible Agent” (1977).

Despite his long participation in the saga, There’s a movie you didn’t like. Of all the films in the saga and of those in which he participated, it was “007 – Moving Target” (1985) least favorite – “is my least favorite of the James Bond saga”. This is all because of a scene that left the British actor traumatized.

At a certain point in the film you are given a gun blocked, but, to the astonishment of Roger Moore, the gun worked. Happily was not injured, but he was “deaf for a few days”. In an interview with BBC the British actor revealed his opinion on weapons – “I regret that, unfortunately, heroes in general are portrayed with weapons in their hands. And, to tell the truth, I’ve always hated guns and what they represent”.


And for you, what is the worst film?

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