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Popular game Palworld already has a Pokémon mod



Palworld already has a Pokémon mod screenshot (2)

Palworld is being a huge success, there are many comparisons with the popular Pokemon and a few days after its launch, a mod appears Pokemon shown by youtuber ToastedShoes.

Palworld is an open-world multiplayer adventure where you hunt and work to survive, and along the way you can capture adorable creatures called Pals. Palworld It’s not a game itself. Pokemonbut has been compared to the beloved series for the way it allows players to capture and fight creatures.

From the video you can see above, you will be able to Palworld capture Pikachu and company. We see in the video Misty with a gun and the first boss is Jessie from the Team Rocket.

Knowing how the The Pokémon Company deals with the rights of Pokemonit remains to be seen how long the mod will last.

Palworld already has a Pokémon screenshot mod (1)

ToastedShoes did not mention whether the mod will be released and a longer video is promised to showcase the mod’s full potential later.

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