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The life and career of the legendary Pinto da Costa, President of FCP, on Prime Video



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President of Futebol Clube do Porto for over forty years, Pinto da Costa will now have a documentary about his life on Prime Video.

It was on April 17, 1982 that Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa was elected President of the Porto Football Club, becoming the 33rd person to assume the role. Since then, more than four decades have passed and Pinto da Costa has never stopped commanding the blue and whites. For many, the name of this football legend is associated with an unparalleled mystique. Now, the Prime Video wants to help demystify the life and career of current President of the northern club. To this end, the platform streaming will make available in its catalog a documentary that will portray Pinto da Costa.

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Mr President – ​​The Championship of a Lifetime” is the title of the documentary series that will be divided into three episodes and which promises to be available from the next day March, 15. The project took a year to film and will show a more intimate side of Pinto da Costa. In addition to interviews with family and friends, the documentary also presents testimonies from figures such as Jose Mourinho, Iker Casillas and Ramalho Eanes, former President of the Republic.

Produced in a partnership between SPi and Futebol Clube do Porto, “Senhor Presidente – O Campeonato de uma Vida” is a project by Cristina Arvelos It is Pedro Lopes. The series is Prime Video’s latest venture, which has increasingly made Portuguese content available, such as “Strawberry with sugar“, “Praxx” It is “Factory of Dreams: Benfica“.


Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa was born April 23, 1982 and spent his entire life in the city of Porto or its surroundings. After finishing his studies, he found his first job at Banco Português do Atlântico. At that time, he joined Futebol Clube do Porto, for which he had a great passion, as a manager and, years later, he left his job as a paint salesman to dedicate himself to the football club of his heart.

It was Pinto da Costa’s uncle who took him to an FC Porto game for the first time. At the time, he was just eight years old but his passion for the club became evident. Later, his grandmother made him a partner and he began to religiously watch all the football and roller hockey games, and was later invited to join the hockey team as a member. Since then, he has always been associated with the blue and white club, being elected President in 1982. Once in power, he saw his favorite club win important national and international competitions in different sports.


Are you a fan of Futebol Clube do Porto? What is your opinion about Pinto da Costa?

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