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Presidents of Toei, Toho, Kadokawa talk about the death of the author of the manga Sexy Tanaka-san



Sexy Tanaka-san live-action visual

The beginning of this week began with the tragic news that the mangaka Hinako Ashihara was found dead and that the police suspect an apparent suicide. This is the topic of the moment in Japan, with the mangaka before her death making a post on her blog criticizing the live-action adaptation of her manga Sexy Tanaka-san and later deleting what he wrote and apologizing. Shortly afterwards she disappeared.

With online criticism appearing everywhere and with NTV also issuing a statement that was poorly received, at a conference with the Japan Film Producers Association, the presidents of Toei, Toho, Shochiku It is Kadokawa also commented on this serious incident.

The president of Toho commented:

It must be an unshakable way of thinking that the adaptation of an author’s work must respect the direction that the author desires. If there is a difference in the direction the adaptation is taking, I can’t conceive of any other way than to communicate with the author to understand their intention.

The president of the Toei stated:

This incident reminded us once again that if there is an original work that is being adapted for video, communication and discussion about how the adaptation will happen will become extremely important in the future.

The head of Shochiku stated:

Highlighting the greatness of the original work is the prerequisite. We will make this a rule so that from now on something like this never happens again.

Takeshi Natsunothe president of Kadokawacommented:

Our company constantly adapts [mangás e contos protegidos por direitos autorais] to video format. While we always pay attention to what the original author wants, we would still like to be even more careful in the future.

Sexy manga author Tanaka-san passed away in apparent suicide

The live-action series adaptation of Sexy Tanaka-san premiered on NTV on October 22nd with 10 episodes, ending on December 24th.

The manga Sexy Tanaka-san began to be published in Anikei Petite Comic in 2018 and is now unfinished.

The history of Sexy Tanaka-san follows two women: Kyōko, a 40-year-old accounting department employee who maintains another life as the dancer Sali, and Akari, a friendly 23-year-old temporary worker and Kyōko’s colleague who is looking for marriage. Akari is convinced that her youth and cuteness are her only merits, so she is looking for a partner, perceiving her time as “running out” as she feels empty and lonely. A certain incident leads her to discover Kyōko’s double life as a dancer, and she slowly begins to admire Kyōko.

Sexy Tanaka-san live-action poster

Haruka Kinami (seen above) is the protagonist Kyōko Tanaka. Ryūichi Inomata It is Akinori Itō directed the live-action series with a script Tomoko Aizawa.

Ashihara debuted as a manga creator in 1994 and among her mangas we find Bitter – Nakechau Koi Monogatari, Bitter II – Anata Dake ni Aisaretai, MiSS, Yubikiri, Homemade Home, Girls Lesson, Bread & Butter, Derby Queen, Tennen Bitter Chocolate and more. His manga Piece – Kanojo no Kioku inspired a live-action series in 2012.

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