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Processors already look at “Terahertz”!



We really like to look at the smartphone over the last 15 years, in a way that makes it seem like technological evolution continues to be incredible. However, the smartphone does not even show great levels of evolution compared to the computer itself, or rather, the components that give life to any computing device.

After all, have you looked at the level of evolution of the processor (CPU)? We are about to witness another gigantic evolution.

Processors already look at “Terahertz”!

Processor, quad core, Windows maximum processor

Therefore, after 10 years of research and development, a team of researchers was finally able to create the first functional semiconductor based on graphene (epigraphene), which of course unlocks all the advantages that this type of material has to offer. To get the idea of ​​what we are trying to say, this means that Moore’s Law has everything it needs to continue to do its thing in the world of technology.

What is Moore’s Law?

  • Basically, it’s not really a law. This is an observation made by Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel, who in turn predicted that the number of transistors in a processor would double every 2 years. The prediction has worked so far, but it is becoming difficult to continue the trend due to the increasing difficulties in the chip production process.

However, according to researchers, electrons can move 10x faster with this type of material compared to old silicon-based transistors. This means that it may be possible to reach frequencies touching the “Terahertz”.

What is 1 Terahertz?

  • Simple, 1 Terahertz is equal to 1012 Hz or 1000 GHz.

However, despite all this indicating a bright future for the world of technology, it is very likely that a real implementation of graphene is still several years away. This is just the beginning, now we need to evolve the technology for “other flights”.

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