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Reminder: Get volume 6 of Solo Leveling



The competition ends today, where together with the Presence Editorial we are giving away 5 copies of Manhwa volume 6 Solo Leveling which was recently published in Portugal. The competition is taking place at our instagram as you can see above.

Synopsis for Solo Leveling Volume 6

The sixth volume of the manhwa phenomenon that already has millions of readers around the world has arrived!

Nothing stops Seong Jinu. But the return to the demonic castle may not go as expected…

There is no doubt: Seong Jinu is Korea’s tenth S-rank hunter. level and for S, the attention of several guilds, as well as the Republic of Korea Hunter Organization, is focused on you. After reaching this classification, his problems are now different.

Jinu has to return to the demonic castle and defeat the third boss if he wants to save his mother from eternal sleep – a disease that appeared with the appearance of the portals. To do that, he has to get stronger. With this objective, Jinu surreptitiously joins a mining exploration squad from the Hunters guild and ends up accompanying, as a doorman, a B team to a class A dungeon, pretending to be an E level hunter. suspicions arise about his true identity…

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