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Renault Mégane 100% Electric has dropped (and well) in price!



Renault has decided to enter 2024 in the best possible way! How is this done? With price drops of course. More specifically, the French giant that is so successful in Portugal decided to lower the price of its 100% Electric Renault Mégane by around €5000.

Renault Mégane 100% Electric has dropped (and well) in price!

The world of 100% electric vehicles is increasingly full of alternatives, and of course, with increasingly attractive prices. Therefore, at a time when it is now possible to share the costs of the electric platform with other cars, as is the case with the new Scénic, Renault decided to do what many other manufacturers will also have to do, which is to lower prices on its fleet. electric or electrified.

Thus, the entry-level version of the Renault Mégane that cost €38,350 now drops to a much more interesting €32,990. If you want the model with the bigger battery (EV60), the price has also dropped to €37,490.

Excellent news, because we’ve already had the opportunity to test this 100% electric Mégane, and it is without a doubt one of the flagship vehicles of this new Renault, with much higher build quality, more attention to detail, and of course, technology to give and sell.

Having said all this, in this way, Renault manages to position its electric car below the Tesla Model 3, and also the BYD Dolphin, which is still very new in Portugal, but is already starting to have some success.

First of all, what do you think about all this? Interesting? Did Renault make a good decision, or is it just a result of market pressure? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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