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Ridley Scott’s masterpiece has just arrived on Prime Video



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To warm up this cold January, Prime Video has just added Ridley Scott’s masterpiece to its catalog.

The 86-year-old British director has no intention of stopping and throughout his 60-year career he made some of the best films in memory – “Gladiator”, “Blade Runner”, “The Last Duel”, “1492”, “American Gangster”, “Napoleon”, “Robin Hood”, “All the Money in the World”, “Gucci House”, “Thelma and Louise“, between others.

Over this time and, as incredible as it may seem, he only received four nominations for Oscars – three in the Best Director category and one in the Best movie. In other words, no victory even with films like “Gladiator”.

Even at almost 90 years old, Ridley Scott returned to action with “Napoleão”, starring Joaquin Phoenix It is Vanessa Kirby. This biographical film follows the life of the ruthless Napoleon Bonaparte, but with a special focus in his relationship with Josefina.

Despite being one of the most awaited 2023 was quite criticized due to its historical inaccuracies.

However, the director always had a ready answer. For example to criticize Frenchwoman said – “the French people don’t even like themselves. The audience I showed it to in Paris loved it (the film)”. While we wait for the arrival of “Napoleon” to Streaming, there is another masterpiece by Ridley Scott that you can now see!


Ridley Scott Artificial Intelligence masterpiece streaming prime video black hawk down

With a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes“Cercados” (“Black Hawk Dawn”) (2001), is one of the films about the most brutal wars ever. Keith Garlington, from Keith & the Movies, writes, “’Black Hawk Down’ is an intense, visceral experience. One minute we see action, and the next it’s deeply moving. But he never loses sight of his main focus – the soldiers.”

Now available on Prime Videothis Ridley Scott film starring Josh Hartnett, Evan McGregor, Eric Bana and William Fichtner thus joins “Mississippi on Fire”, “Midnight in Paris”, “Millennium – Men Who Hate Women”, “Annie Hall”, “Raging Bull” It is “Bam Stoker’s Dracula”.


Do you have Prime Video? What is your favorite film by the British director?

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