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Robert De Niro believes he was censored by Apple



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Robert De Niro had an unexpected moment at the Gotham Awards when he accused Apple of censoring him.

You Gotham Awardsthe first big kick-off for the Award Seasontook place in the early hours of last Monday and were the scene of a huge controversy involving the actor Robert De Niro and Apple.

When he took the stage to receive the Gotham Historical Icon and Creator Tribute on behalf of “Killers of the Flower Moon”O veteran he realized that the speech on his teleprompter was not the same as the one he had prepared, noticing that the most controversial and political parts had been eliminated.

Without mincing words, De Niro grabbed his cell phone from where he read the original text:

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“History is no longer History. The Truth is no longer the Truth, and even facts are replaced by alternative ‘facts’, motivated by conspiracy theories and horrible things. In Florida, young students learn that slaves developed skills that could be applied to their own benefit. The entertainment industry is not immune to this rotten disease. The Duke, or John Wayne, famously said of Native Americans ‘I don’t feel bad about robbing them of this great country. There were a lot of people who needed land and the Indians were selfishly holding them back.’ The lie has become another tool in the charlatans’ arsenal. The former president lied to us 30,000 times during the four years he was in office and continues to gain ground in his new campaign. With all these lies, he can’t hide his soul. He attacks the weakest, destroys the gifts of nature and disrespects people, for example using words like ‘Pocahontas’ turning the name into an insult.”

The actor then addressed Apple directly, “I don’t feel like thanking you for what you did. How dare they do this, really?”

According to sources from Varietythe change in speech by Apple, the producer of “Killers of the Flower Moon”, responded to feedback from the team responsible for the film who wanted De Niro’s comments to focus exclusively on De Niro’s new feature film. Martin Scorsese and nothing else.

A corrected version of the speech was delivered to the teleprompter less than ten minutes before the event began at 7:00 pm ET, with the order given by someone who identified herself as an Apple employee. At 6:54 pm, the company responsible for the teleprompter received an email from two Apple employees with the new text, which omitted explicit references to Trump, with ambiguous references to how “watching the news today” showed that “we are living in a society of post-truth”. A spokesperson for De Niro assured that the actor was not informed of any change in the speech.

Sources close to film They also deny any censorship and classify the accident as a communication failure, stating that there were several versions of the speech to be discussed and that the desire was to focus only on the film and the talent involved in it. The same entity reveals ignorance of the fact that Robert De Niro did not have the final say in approving the speech.

A Variety also ensures that the organization of the Gotham awards had nothing to do with these changes or cuts.


And you, what do you think of this whole situation involving Robert De Niro and Apple?

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