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Roguelike prequel Penny Blood: Hellbound announced for PC



A YUKIKAZEO STUDIO WILDROSE and the Natsume Atari announced the game Penny Blood: Hellbounda roguelike prequel to Penny Blood which will receive an Early Access release for the PRAÇA (Steam) in February 2024, to later receive a full release in the summer of 2024. A closed beta will feature 10 hours of gameplay and will be released to Penny Blood via Backerkit on December 14th.

Through the website of YUKIKAZE we can read the following:

“Designed by Matsuzo Machidathe genius of dark JRPGs, developed by industry veterans Natsume Atariwith art by Miyako Kato and a soundtrack composed by the duo Yoshitaka Hirota and Noriyuki Iwadareplayers can enjoy a taste of the dark in this prequel to the upcoming RPG, Penny Blood.

Main Features:

  • Hellhounders Unleashed – In Penny Blood: Hellboundyou play as the Hellhounders, the formidable rivals of Matthew and his companions in the world of Penny Blood. Navigate through a challenging side story and discover the background of this group of anarchists as you try to free yourself from the supernatural prison of Mictlan.
  • Roguelike thrills – Players will experience the fast-paced action side of Penny Blood through a roguelike world, where each match serves to unlock a multitude of power-ups, new abilities and improvements available in the game. Progress through dynamic action levels and take down exotic bosses to prepare for the upcoming final showdown in the home of the Hellhounders.
  • The Malice System – There will always be blood as you cut, crush and shoot your enemies in Penny Blood: Hellbound. The more blood you spill, the richer your rewards will be. Engage in intense battles and accumulate money through the innovative Malice System to unlock a multitude of upgrades and abilities that can be acquired at the heart of the game – the Hellhounders’ hideout.
  • Bloodsurfing Dynamics – Players can immerse themselves in the action with “bloodsurfing,” a unique gameplay mechanic that turns spilled blood on the ground into a powerful tool. Glide along the ground to unleash momentum-based attacks and skill upgrades to improve your mobility and combat prowess.
  • A fascinating Penny Blood world – Traverses a variety of themed locations Penny Blood in the Roaring 20s as you face different challenges and enemies. Forge alliances with other prisoners and immerse yourself in the rich atmosphere of the universe Penny Blood with each character’s unique story.
  • Musical domain – Enjoy a captivating soundtrack composed by Yoshitaka Hirotathe main composer of Penny Blood and the series Shadow Heartstogether with guest composer Noriyuki Iwadare who became famous for his tracks on Lunar It is Grandia.”
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