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Rumor: Final Fantasy XVI could receive a version for Xbox Series



Shpeshal Nicka video game industry expert was featured in Infinite Podcast and during a interview indicated that Final Fantasy XVI will soon stop being exclusive to consoles because it will soon receive a version for Xbox Series. It should be noted that Nick “predicted” the announcement of Visions of Mana in the most recent broadcast of Microsoft.

A Microsoft has already stated that it will receive more releases from Square Enix over the next few years and although at this stage we only know that the Xbox Series will receive a version of Final Fantasy XIV In recent days there has been a rumor that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will also be released on consoles Xbox Series.

In any case, the period of exclusivity for Final Fantasy XVI It only ends in June 2024, so we shouldn’t have versions of the JRPG’s sixteenth episode before this date. However, an official announcement may be about to arrive.

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