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Quake 6 in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle announcement



It went unnoticed by many, but 4 days after the announcement in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Attention turns to one of his presentation videos that you can see above. This, then, at minute 11:36 when they talk about the spirit of discovery of Indiana Jones appears within a framework of MachineGames the acronym “AKE 6”, a possible reference to Quake 6.

This reference gains more strength when beneath “AKE 6” a design of the company’s logo appears. Quake. This little tease seems to confirm a leak previous statement which indicated that Quake 6 is under development in ID Software It is Machine Games.

If true, this means that they are considering Quake Champions 2017 as Quake 5with the last numbered entry in the franchise being Quake 4 in 2005.

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