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Samsung S24 Ultra | Who shouldn’t buy?



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Samsung S24 Ultra – Full of artificial intelligence and top hardware, who are these smartphones really for?

A Samsung It is one of the brands we show most here in relation to smartphones. The market leader will once again present its new S range products in January and we once again have three versions: S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra.

More refined and with better hardware, the highlight of the entire presentation was the software, where Artificial Intelligence gains its space, being the main highlight and what promises to be the future of our interactions with this gadget that no one can live without .

From editing photos, videos, translations, summaries, the new S24 promises to do a lot to help us in our daily lives, making our lives easier and our work more productive. But who are these smartphones for? For all? Or are there certain types of users for whom there is a better choice? Added to this is the issue of price, as the S range is the top of what Samsung offers, and it is also necessary to understand which of the three models makes the most sense for us.

In a year where AI will be the center of attention and all smartphone products are trying to bring new features, there is a lot to analyze in this smartphone. To find out why we think that for some people this is the best smartphone you can buy, watch our video and find out if it’s something that makes sense to buy one day.

VIDEO | Is the Samsung S24 Ultra the best there is?

Author: Luis Pinto

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