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Smartphone covers for €100? Is this for sale? Yes… and a lot!



A few weeks ago, I criticized the prices of some of the accessories from the best-known manufacturers in the world of smartphones, such as Samsung and Apple. Since both are selling covers for their high-end smartphones over €50.

In fact, in the United States, it is now possible to buy an iPhone case in installments using the Apple Card. Yes, buy a cover for your cell phone in modest monthly installments for 1 or 2 years.

But… Smartphone manufacturers aren’t even the worst! There are several brands selling Premium covers for €100, €120, or for prices above these.

Smartphone covers for €100? Is this for sale? Yes… and a lot!


Therefore, as I spend my life changing cell phones, I almost always end up receiving large amounts of ads on the most varied platforms, particularly on Instagram, which at this time of Black Friday and Christmas is crazy in terms of ads in stories and in the feed. of publications.

But… See cell phone covers for €80 WITH DISCOUNT? Why is the original price €125? It’s madness.

We have examples of accessory manufacturers such as Casetify or Burga, promising innovative designs, incredible protections, and the most premium materials available, and apparently, these products sell.

You know the old question of… “How come the price of this is so high?” Usually it’s because it can, or better yet, because it sells.

The world of smartphone accessories, more specifically on the iPhone side, which is where consumers are more inclined to buy products in addition to their smartphone, is crazy. It seems incredible, but it’s becoming completely banal for a “premium” skin to cost almost as much as a “low-cost” Android.

The key is different designs, and marketing phrases like “military-grade materials,” or “the same protection used in bulletproof vests.” This attracts the attention of the consumer, who of course wants to be different, wants to have something premium, and wants to protect their investment. (After all, a top smartphone now costs €1500 in its base model).

But, of course, there are still excellent options, with the same level of protection, at significantly lower prices. Only buy expensive if you want.

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