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Google Messages has undergone an interface change! Have you found out yet?



After a recent redesign that removed the app’s top search bar, Google Messages is getting another user interface tweak that makes it easier for users to send photos. As reported last month, this update introduces a camera icon directly to the Messages home screen, simplifying the process of sending photos. This user interface change in Google Messages is now being widely rolled out.

Google Messages has undergone an interface change! Have you found out yet?

Previously, sending photos via Google Messages required accessing the conversation. Then you had to attach the photo using the “Add” button or capture the photo separately in the camera application and then select it in the conversation. Now, the easy-to-access camera icon lets you start the process of uploading a photo from the beginning. This is if your intention is to capture and send a quick photo instead of forwarding one from your camera roll.

Google Messages change

As you can see in the screenshot above, the camera icon appears next to the search icon in the top right corner of the app. Tapping the icon opens the user interface. Also the camera app display. This way you can take a quick photo. Once the photo is taken, Messages asks you to select a recipient. Then attach the photo in a new message to the chosen recipient. You can also add additional text and send it whenever you want.

This new feature joins other experimental additions that Google Messages has been exploring. They are the animated emoji. Also an updated voice recorder and Google Account sign-in capabilities for the web version. Meanwhile, as new features continue to arrive, old ones seem to have suddenly disappeared from the app without explanation. This is most likely due to an error.

The camera shortcut was previously in a limited rollout phase, with only a small group of Google Messages users having access to it. That said, while the old method was relatively simple, this new shortcut strives to make the process even easier – making it easier to share photos without a hitch.

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