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Smartphones: if you can’t connect via 4G or 5G, watch this!



If you have an Android smartphone and cannot connect to it, the causes can be many and varied. In many cases it may be due to poor network coverage. However, most of the time, this is likely to be due to other issues. So if you can’t connect via 4G or 5G, check this now!

Smartphones: if you can’t connect via 4G or 5G, watch this!

Disable airplane mode

In Airplane mode, the operating system Android disables the connection to the operator among other things. That said, many people activate this mode without even realizing it. The result is that we are unable to make or receive calls. If airplane mode is active at the top of the smartphone we will not see the strength of our connection to the operator but rather the symbol of an airplane. This is how you know that this mode is active.

airplane mode smartphones, receive calls android smartphone

It’s very simple to activate or deactivate this mode. In almost all smartphones it is located in the same place. So you just have to scroll down the quick settings panel from the top and click on the icon that represents an airplane. I used as an example a smartphone from Samsung but it’s practically the same for everyone.

Turn off do not disturb mode

Do not disturb mode blocks all sounds and vibrations related to notifications and calls. If it is activated, it silences calls, which means that even if the call arrives on the smartphone we will not have a big alert. This way it can go unnoticed. To fix the issue, check and disable do not disturb mode on your smartphone.

Disabling this mode is very similar to what we do with airplane mode. Slide the settings panel down and on page two we will have the do not disturb icon. If it is activated, just click on it to deactivate it.

receive calls on Android smartphone

Disable and activate the SIM

You can temporarily disable your SIM to fix network and SIM card failures without ejecting it. Most Android devices have a SIM card manager feature that allows you to turn off your YES.

To do this, go to settings, then go to connections and choose the SIM Manager option.

There you can press the SIM 1 option or use the button at the front to quickly activate and deactivate it.

receive calls on Android smartphone

Remove and reinsert the SIM card

If you have switched to a new device, check that you have inserted the SIM card correctly. Although the SIM tray is designed to prevent the wrong insertion of a SIM card, it is not a rare occurrence in devices Android older models with a removable back panel.

When inserted incorrectly, your Android smartphone will not detect the SIM card and will display an error.

Restart your smartphone

This is perhaps one of the simplest things but also the one that works the most. Sometimes a process may get stuck, causing problems with calls. When restarting, everything should work as expected again.

Restore network settings

A reset to network settings restores a number of network-related features. In addition to mobile data, WiFi It is bluetoothalso resets network connection settings such as network selection mode.

In the settings search type Reset network settings. Then click on Reset settings and that’s it.

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