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Snowman Story will receive a PC version on December 14th



A Odencat announced during a broadcast on INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 which will release a version for PRAÇA (Steam) of the game Snowman Story on December 14th for €4.99. This price will be discounted by 20% during the first week of its launch.

Through the page Snowman Story at Steam we can read the following:

You’ll melt when spring comes.” This death sentence was suddenly announced by a crow.

The poor snowman knows he doesn’t have much time.

“I… I don’t want to melt!”

The snowman runs to
the North to search for a “Sanctuary” where spring never arrives.

Will the Snowman find the way to his Paradise?

This game lets you become a snowman on a journey to your own northern paradise. On the way there will be puzzles,
and when you solve them, the story continues. *you can also skip the puzzles if you prefer.

During this trip, you will find traces of other snowmen that melted on their way to paradise. When you touch the tracks, you will be able to see memories of the lives they had before they melted.

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